Community and Advocacy

Criminal Justice Reform

In 2018, after years of hard work, Pennsylvania’s convicted innocent have new hope. Governor Tom Wolf signed two bills into law that will greatly improve the ability of people convicted of crimes they did not commit get access to justice.
  • Act 146 gives people more time to file a petition in court when new evidence of innocence is uncovered, and
  • Act 147 allows those who pleaded guilty or who have served their sentence to request DNA testing so they can get the evidence needed to secure their freedom.
We are so grateful to Rep. Tedd Nesbit and Rep. Joanna McClinton for their stalwart leadership in the House, and our 2018 Champion of Justice Senator Stewart Greenleaf for being our champion in the Senate. And, of course, Governor Tom Wolf for swiftly signing the bills into law and not delaying justice even another day.