Seeking a Day in Court for Andrew Swainson

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project's work to exonerate our clients continues during the public health crisis. On April 21, 2020, we filed a joint motion with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, seeking a day in court for Andrew Swainson.

Update as of 4/23/20: The President Judge of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas has denied our motion seeking a prompt day in court for Andrew Swainson.  Our fight will continue.

Update as of 4/24/20: Andrew Swainson got the electronic hearing he asked for -- but not for 49 days, even though electronic technology is available now.  While he waits, COVID-19 continues to march through Pennsylvania's prisons.

Update as of 6/12/20: Andrew Swainson was exonerated! You can read more here. 

Read the scheduling order 

Read the order denying our motion

Download a PDF of the motion with all exhibits